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Feel the benefits.

Frequency-minded music is a simple and enjoyable path to a healthier lifestyle. Listening just 20 minutes a day helps support the following:

  • Focus & Memory
  • Creativity
  • Clearing Energetic Blocks
  • Calm Anxieties
  • Improve Sleep

With over 500 songs in Listening to Smile’s growing discography, we offer a variety of styles, tempos and genres.

Our members love it 

I love the beginning of each month when a new whole album comes out based on the astrology of the moment - it just feels so appropriate for what I’m feeling.
Jason pickard
I share the music with my patients and see amplified results.
Wow love this! Felt my body shift and suddenly break into a big smile! Thank you!!

Want the in-depth story behind Listening to Smile?

Check out these interviews with founder, Ian Morris to hear why the music at Listening to Smile is unique and life-changing.

With regular listening, you can create greater health and happiness.

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